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We are the bridge of Japanese and US companies, building relationships and history together.


- Perform sales activities on behalf of our clients
- Establish sales network nationwide
- Manage distributors and sales representatives
- Develop new OEMs


•Plastic molding manufacturer (Aichi, Japan)
Sales support, establishment of local subsidiary and employment benefits in the US.

•Self-Locking nuts manufacturer (Osaka, Japan)
Establishment of a sales network including contracting sales agencies in the US.

•Engineer staffing service agency (Tokyo, Japan)
Business management and support of local employees and clients of their local subsidiary in Ohio.

•Non-destructive concrete tester manufacturer (Hokkaido, Japan)
Establishing local sales networks in North America.

Quality service with a high performance to cost ratio

You can expect quicker results and lower expenses compared to dispatching your own staff from Japan. We provide professional services in establishing you sales network and sales promotion of your business in the North America on behalf of your company.

Complete support and reliability

We design English catalogs and websites, support accounting procedures, establish local subsidiaries, and conduct expert jobs such as legal support with our alliance partners. Therefore, once you start business with us, you don't need to contract or negotiate with other service providers.




We have worked with over 200 companies from small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

Toyoda Gosei(MI,MO),Denso(MI,TN),TS Group(OH),
Stanley Electronice(OH),Sanwa Screen(IL),Whirlpool(MI),
Methode(MI),Taisei Lamick(Japan),Hard Lock Industry(Japan),
Newly(Japan),Nitto Construction(Japan) etc.


Through our distributor and sales representative network, we hire professional sales representatives and distributors, as well as manage them.

•Strategic plans for US market
•Marketing that suits US logistics and business practices
•Effective direct sales for the best results


We help to develop OEM business across the US.

•Investigation of OEM partners
•Verification of sample and product qualities
•Verification of local manufacturing capacities




We conduct market research on your products in North America. We prepare sales and marketing reports and support developing your business plan. We also design English catalogs and websites for your company and products.


•Analysis on sales potential and competitors in the North America
•Design catalogs and websites in English
•Plan advertisements and press releases
•Support for exhibitions
We provide these professional services to compete in the North American market so that you can expect sales results quickly.


•State-of-the-art 3D scanner manufacturer (Kyoto, Japan)
Working as an exclusive agency (Market research, press release, web marketing, etc.…) in the North American market.

•Non-destructive concrete tester manufacturer (Hokkaido, Japan)
Overseas market development in North America.

•The State of Ohio Economic Development (Ohio, USA)
We support in attracting Japanese companies to the Ohio Region.



Consulting for your company establishment in the US

As your consultant, we go through the procedures of establishing your company on your behalf.

Working Visa

After you establish your company in the US, we support you in acquiring the appropriate working visas with our partner lawyer.

Establishing local sales office/warehouse

We research the real estate (purchasing/leasing) on your behalf. We prepare legal documents and consult possible issues during the course of the procedures.

Employment/Local hires

We introduce reliable staffing agencies to help you form an employment contract. We provide your employees essential training for the work environment.

Accounting support, introduction of accounting software and the primary training

We prepare monthly accounting reports, as well as quarterly and yearly PL and BS, which may be required by the federal and state government for tax returns.

Consulting for employee benefits

We provide support for your employees' health insurance and other benefits required by law.

Supporting your staff from Japan

We assist opening bank accounts and acquiring driver licenses and social security numbers. We help your employee for unexpected troubles and questions.

Preparation of Employee Handbook

We put together customized employee handbook for each company.

Insurance (health, automobile, and business) and financial commodities (401K, retirement plan, etc.)

We introduce and explain necessary insurance you need when starting your business in U.S.


We provide necessary training and knowledge for the Antitrust Law, Safety Control, OSHA, sexual harassment, racial/sexual discrimination, etc.